Get Involved

Colorado ProStart has a lot of cogs in its system that allow it to operate as a well-oiled machine. Of course, that machine relies on people from both inside and outside the industry getting involved whenever possible. By doing so, you’re helping to secure both the education and future of our students.


Adopt a Classroom 
The exciting task of building the industry leaders of tomorrow begins in the classroom. Choose your level of involvement in a hands-on environment and help us shape young minds.

Become a Mentor 

Mentors play an essential role in helping students develop character and career competence by teaching real-world experience and practical skills. Both your student and company will benefit from this relationship.

Attend an Event
Each year, there are multiple events celebrating the industry and our students. Attend and participate in these events to interact with the students and instructors who are directly impacted by your support.

Hire a Student 
ProStart students come fully-loaded with an arsenal of strong foundational skills and industry knowledge. Hiring these students will ensure a leg-up against the competition, while helping to support the program.

Create a Scholarship 
Many of our students rely on financial scholarships to further their education. Become a ProStart hero by creating a scholarship endowment fund toward continued education and industry training.

Become a Partner 
Your support and contributions create opportunities that inspire life-long passions. Join us today in ensuring that our important program continues unfettered into the foreseeable future of the industry.