Become a Mentor

Mentors play an essential role in helping students develop character and career competence by teaching real-world experience and practical skills. You will play different roles as you guide your student based on his or her individual needs. Mentors help students make the connection between their present performance and future career.
Personal Benefits
As a mentor, you can expect to see these benefits:
  • Play an important role in a student’s life
  • Contribute to the future of the restaurant and foodservice industry
  • Improve your supervisory and management skills
  • Explore new ways of looking at your job and operations
Company Benefits
In addition to personal benefits, here’s what your company will see:
  • Gain motivated student employees who are focused on the industry as a career
  • Groom potential employees by creating a rewarding work experience
  • Launch a career-long connection with future employees and customers
  • Contribute to the industry by helping create a high-quality labor pool
Mentor’s Impact
Mentors fill a variety of roles in the lives of our students:
  • Educator — Instructs students in technical and soft skills
  • Supervisor — Gives direction and shows students how they fit into the needs of the organization
  • Coach — Provides motivation and information to help students meet performance expectations, and gives ongoing feedback and encouragement
  • Counselor — helps students work through problems or attitudes that affect job performance
  • Role Model — leads by example and helps students develop effective professional skills and habits

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